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We provide an assortment of programming for community members. This includes, but is not limited to, pickleball and tennis lessons, clinics, play days, tournaments, mentoring sessions and performance guidance.

Check out our future events hosted at local parks, churches, gyms or community centers.

Pick-A-Ball Programming





Developing a program for all to build family relationships, character, self-esteem along with promoting a healthy lifestyle. 


By educating and investing in our families through our services, we just may give participants the tools they need to decide if this is something that they want to pursue in the future, recreationally, in high school, college or at professional level.

Our core principles include:


  • control

  • acceptance

  • patience

  • investment

  • teamwork

  • ownership

  • learning

Our mission is to empower, educate, motivate and inspire individuals through racket and paddle sports by delivering opportunities for development, engagement and accessibility within diverse communities regardless of ability.

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